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£ 150 Lemon and Mulberry, gorgeous Pygmy wether boys available!
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£ 150

Lemon and Mulberry, gorgeous Pygmy wether boys available!

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Bingley, North EastUpdated 2 weeks ago

These two lovely boys are named Lemon and Mulberry and they are sweethearts who will catch your eye and steal your heart!

Lemon is loveable and he's getting cheekier by the day. He will draw you in with his eyes and you will be helpless against his wiles.

And we have Mulberry who is a tiny terror! Smallest boy I've seen but a powerhouse in a small package. He knows he likes food and isn't afraid to say so!

Wethers make the best pets. If you ask many goat owners, who have a wether, they will tell you how loving and special their wethers are. Our wethers tend to want to be with us, or sit on our laps, if they can (and some are too big to do so but they try!). They do not smell as a billy does. They aren't hormonal like nannies. They tend to attach to their human companions. They are curious and want to be involved in everything you do. You will easily find yourself in love with them.

If you don't want to breed, well then it's easy, get a wether. They are less expensive than a nanny, and they will be an amazing experience as a pet. It is simply your best choice.

Both were late castrates at 5 months to help prevent urinary calculi. And all are double vaccinated.

Wether goats are most prone to urinary calculi due to stones trying to pass through a narrow shaft. A painful situation, which often leads to death. Many new owners have to pay out for surgery in the first few years, if it is even possible, and sometimes that still will not save their beloved pet. There are many ways to help prevent this. One of these is late surgical castration versus banding. Banding must be done within the first 2 weeks of life. It is low cost, often a free option, for the breeder. But can cost even more in other ways later on. We pay for a vet to visit to perform a late castration to help our boys live long and happy lives. I also give advice to new buyers on wether care so they may keep their little boys for many years!

Message me if you'd like to add these boys to your herd or begin a herd of your own!

Please note all homes are vetted.

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