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FREE vermin control - Ratting permissions wanted
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FREE vermin control - Ratting permissions wanted

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We are seeking premises to carry out ratting with working terriers and lurchers as well as air rifles fitted with night vision and thermal scopes.

As you know, rats carry disease and can cause no end of damage to property, feeds as well as potential dangers to livestock and animals by creating holes that animals can step into resulting in broken limbs. Rats are also responsible for chewing through electrical wires and cables on farm machinery and vehicles including cars. Not a cheap repair.
Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis) can be lethal to humans where they become in contact with rats urine.
I’m the organiser of a newly formed small group called “the London & South East Rat Pack”, where a group of us get together, mainly on weekends with terriers to seek and eliminate infested farms, stables, allotments and waste/recycling centres of vermin.
There is no charge for our service, it is completely free. We are not trying to replace your existing pest control, we are offering a free additional resource to bring your numbers down.
Rat packs are now becoming more popular throughout the UK due to the increase and sometimes, out of control rat numbers on working farms and so on. There are many packs throughout social media who post their videos and photos of their outings, highlighting the record numbers of rats that appear on various premises. An average day’s kill can be near 100 plus rats per day. Some farms recording around or near 300 rats per day, who have a bad infestation.
An example of a huge infestation can be seen here:
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7904439/Eight-terriers-k ill-record-700-rodents-seven-hours-despe rate-farmer-called-handlers.html
If your outside my catchment area of london and the home counties, then i can put you in touch with a pack/syndicate closer to you.
I am based in Rotherhithe SE London. I’m an ex farmer and familiar with all aspects of farming and country life. We will respect all property and conditions that you may have. Any movement of materials will be put back in a good and safe manner. I will personally take full responsibility of all our work and hunting.
If we can be of any assistance to you then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please see our new website - www.lse-ratpack.co.uk

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