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£ 3
Alpaca Manure 18kg bags
ad ref. FA1172ABF
£ 3

Alpaca Manure 18kg bags

Farm SuppliesOther Supplies£ 3

Hand raked alpaca manure in strong sealed bags, ideal for the forthcoming planting season.

Please note that contents may include foliage, straw, soil and in some cases acorns and other seedlings. Weight is approximate and will vary according to how wet the manure was when it was bagged.

Why Alpaca manure?

Alpaca manure is the best natural fertilizer for vegetable, flower gardens and even
house plants. It's lower in organic matter than manure from other farm animals, but still has enough to improve soil texture and water-holding capacity. Alpaca manure (or beans) do not have to be aged or cured; They will not burn; the plants it comes in
contact with and can be applied rather carelessly without fussing.

The alpaca's 3-stomach digestive system processes food so efficiently seeds do not survive to become weeds in your garden, as with cow or horse manure. They are nature’s composters. It also has comparatively high levels of nitrogen and potassium which are major plant nutrients and part of the well-known N-P-K indicator on fertilizer bags, and an indication of good fertilizer value.

Alpaca manure has a very low odour (practically none) which makes it a fantastic fertilizer to work with. Good soil health will reduce disease and pest problems and keep your plants happy and healthy throughout the year.

Although alpaca manure starts out in a pellet or bean form, it breaks down quickly and can be used without extensive “ageing”

Multiple uses for alpaca beans

Use Alpaca beans safely on your houseplants, just spoon a little into the soil, and the fertilizer will gradually release as you water. It is odourless and harmless to pets.

Sprinkle some Alpaca beans around your plants or trees, mix with a little dirt and every time you water your plants you are fertilizing them at the same time.

For seedlings, use alpaca tea. Mix 1 part alpaca pellets with 2 parts water and let it sit from 5-12 hours. Within 24 hours of the first application, you will begin to see the difference in your seedling.

Alpaca beans are great for delicate plants and terrific for soil health. Adding it to your garden or lawn....Read full description
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