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Gold Laced Orpingtons (large fowl)
For Sale#tt# Gold Laced Orpingtons (large fowl) For Sale Poultry For Sale With Free Advertising on Poultry Ads UK For Sale Seven Gold Laced Orpington Hens & Three Cockerels. I Will sell as a job Lot or a Quartet, Trio or pairs. I have Three cockerels and seven Hens ? These lovely hens and Cockerels have come from Three bloodlines Rob Boyd & Priscilla Middleton and a very well marked Dutch bloodline, From unrelated breeding we have found our Orpington?s egg production is very high, with good quality offspring, Last year?s egg laying was an average 39 eggs from 7 hens in a week. Fertility checked Last March 2011 was over 90% The Orpingtons Were hatched Last April 2011 and some are now in lay. All the Cockerels have been brought up together. Prices £25 per hen £10 per Cockerel, discounts on Trio?s etc - 07096680517
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